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Pick up of the car in Pamplona. Procedures and delivery of the car. Transfer on your own to the hotel in Pamplona. Accommodation and free time.

Day 2. PAMPLONA: Lekunberri

Breakfast and departure to discover Lekunberri. Since 1931 Hemingway did not visit Navarra. The San Fermín festivities attracted him so much that he needed to feel them again and see Navarra. Hemingway stayed this year in the town of Lekunberri, Located in a natural setting of great beauty, it was the place that the American writer chose to rest, to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, to be filled with peace. Return and free afternoon to visit the places that Hemingway frequented in Pamplona.

Day 3. PAMPLONA: Burguete, Aribe and Yesa Reservoir

Breakfast and departure to visit Burguete, Aribe and Yesa. A few days before, or a few days after the Pamplona festivities in honor of San Fermín, Hemingway traveled with his wife and friends to enjoy a few days off in Burguete. The purpose of his stay was to rest, enjoy the scenery, and walk to the Irati River to catch some trout.

We will continue the route to Aribe, where we used to walk from Burguete. The Irati River, together with the landscape that welcomes him, is the place he chose to spend long hours of solitude, sitting near the shore, hoping that some trout would bite the hook of his rod.

We will return to Pamplona via Yesa. In 1959 was the last time that Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) visited Navarra. It is this last year when the magazine "Life" wanted to dedicate a cover and a large space to the figure of Hemingway. For this they transferred a journalist and a photographer to Pamplona. And it was the writer himself who proposed that the fishing images obtained by the photographer Julio Ubiña be captured on the shore of the Yesa reservoir. That is why today the image of the writer has been forever immortalized and linked to this environment thanks to that report. Return and free to visit the places that Hemingway frequented in Pamplona.

Day 4. PAMPLONA: Gernika and Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

Breakfast and departure to Gernika, where we will see the life-size ceramic replica of Pablo Picasso's Guernica. Hemingway was very sensitive to the bombing of Gernika-Lumo in April 1937. Later we will visit Bermeo, a place that Hemingway mentions in his letters. Here is the photo of Hemingway having an ice cream in front of the Helados Pereira cart, which is still preserved as it was in 1959. We will leave Bermeo to move to Mundaka, hometown of André Unzain, the Catholic priest immortalized by Ernest Hemingway as Don Black , to whom he wrote to Mundaka calling him "my spiritual manager", in a letter in which the writer spoke to him about the "famous barnacles".

Dish that we will taste at the Casino Restaurant, the place where Unzain suffered the heart attack that took him to his grave shortly after. It was for the festival of San Juan, in 1955. In 1959, on a trip from Bilbao "with some friends he had met in Cuba", Hemingway appeared at Mundaka, at the Casino, and a nephew of his "spiritual manager" accompanied him to visit his friend's grave, at which he prayed. Return to Pamplona and free time.

Day 5. PAMPLONA: Vitoria and Bilbao

Breakfast and departure to visit Vitoria and Bilbao. Ernest Hemingway passed through the capital of Alava, at least once. Where he was dazzled by several dishes, one of game, which he was so fond of, which could be partridge in salmi or quail in Vitoria, depending on the season.

In 1959 Hemingway arrived in Bilbao aboard La Barata, the Lancia, driven by Mario Cassamassima, who he said was "the most elegant car in the city". La Barata is portrayed in several photographs, in front of the Carlton, as are Hemingway himself and Lauren Bacall, with and without La Barata and always in front of the hotel. After leaving their bags at the Carlton, they went directly to the bullring in Vista Alegre.

Life magazine had been commissioned to write a report to update his Death in the Afternoon. In this same square a bull wounded Dominguín so seriously that he even feared for his life. Hence, precisely the title of the report that ended up being the aforementioned book. That summer was not Hemingway's first in Bilbao. He had been for the last time in 1933 and thus the city could be reflected in Death in the afternoon, the manual on the bullfight "made in Hemingway".

Near the Church of Santos Juanes is Barrenkale. There was the Casa Luciano restaurant, which Hemingway and other stars of the time, Ava Gardner or Antonio Ordoñez himself, frequented during those fifties of the opening of Spain to tourism. The traditional Basque cuisine, which Ernest Hemingway liked so much, as he left on record in the letter dated in Bilbao on August 29, 1958, by mistake, and written at the Hotel Carlton during the days he spent that month in Bilbao.

The Frontón de Artxanda, and the game of Jai-Alai, were one of Ernest Hemingway's sporting passions. "Basque pelota -he told Cancha, referring to the modality called Jai-Alai- is the fastest and most violent sport I know". Free time with the possibility of visiting the Guggenheim Museum. Return to Pamplona.

Day 6. PAMPLONA: San Sebastian, Hendaye and Bayonne

Breakfast and departure to San Sebastián/Donostia, which was one of the writer's favorite places at the time of the early 20th century, his authentic Belle Époque. It has been said that he liked the city especially to rest, although it is not exactly like that. Hemingway, if he felt comfortable in a place, he wrote there. So The Sun Also Rises , known as Fiesta, his first novel, he finished writing in the Gipuzkoan capital and in Hendaye. But the novel's relationship with the city and the places around it does not end there; In fact, Donostia is the scene of the novel's penultimate chapter...

La Concha was undoubtedly one of Ernest Hemingway's favorite beaches. This is reflected in numerous photographs from the twenties (1926 and 1927) that left him portrayed in a bathing suit with his second wife, Paulin Pfeiffer. Both also used to go to the fronton, as he declared to the Cancha magazine, published in Mexico City, in an interview with the pelota player Felix Areitio, and in which he claimed to have seen pelota players such as Erdoza, El Fenomeno, or Atano, who " I was excited."

From his first return after the war in 1953, he continued to come to San Sebastian on several occasions. Here he was in that 1959 that he recorded in the book The Dangerous Summer, The dangerous summer. That summer he stayed at the Maria Cristina and leaves us the priceless anecdote of his meeting with José de Arteche that led to the publication in Basque of The Old Man and the Sea (Agurea ta itsasoa, Itxaropena, Zarautz), for which he expressly resigned to their copyright.

One of the axes of Ernest Hemingway's trips and stays was the one that linked Donostia with Iruñea, another was the one that linked the Lapurdi coast, including Baiona, with the city. Hendaye was also the place where Fiesta was written, as well as the posthumous The Garden of Eden. Return to Pamplona.

Day 7. PAMPLONA: Haro

Breakfast and departure to Haro. It would be one of the writer's last stays in our country and his first stop was Logroño, where the right-handed Antonio Ordoñez was participating in a fair held on the occasion of the Grape Harvest Festival. During those days, Hemingway enjoyed unforgettable days of wine, bullfighting and partying in La Rioja with his friend Ordóñez. Return to Pamplona and free time.


Breakfast. Car return procedures and end of program.



VW Polo occupied by 2 people: €480/pers

VW Touran occupied by 4 people: €510/pers

VW Touran occupied by 3 people: €540/person

VW Touran occupied by 2 pers: €660/pers


First 4* Hotel Service: €160/pers

Single Htls Room Apartment 3*: €340/pers

Single Htls 4* room apartment: €470/pers

Spto Seat Alhambra: €330/car/week


Spto Hotels High Season from July 1 to October 31:

In Tourist Hotels: €60/pers

In First Hotels: €80/pers


VW Polo Rental Car (approximate prices):

Window and Tire Protection Insurance Department: €102/rental

Insurance Department Enhanced protection in case of theft: €84/rental

Super Personal Accident Protection Insurance Department (PAI): €120/rental

Super Personal Protection Insurance Department for Accidents and Personal Effects (SPAI): €210/rental

Approximate GPS location and depending on the company from €18 to €25/day


- Rental car according to chosen option.

- Category 3* or 4* hotels depending on the option chosen.

- Accommodation in Double rooms.

- Regimen of accommodation and breakfast.

- Informative material about the trip.

- Telephone assistance 24 hours



- Partial exception for THW Theft (excess €670).

- Partial exception for CDW collision (excess €670)

- Unlimited mileage.



- Insurance travel assistance and cancellation.

- All expenses of a personal nature such as drinks, tips, laundry, phone calls, etc…

- Any other expense not specified in the program and not mentioned as included.

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