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09:30 a.m. Departure from Pamplona in private cars from the car park located in front of the Navarra Arena gate. See link .
People who leave with transport, pick up at Pamplona accommodation.

First of all we will visit the Baztan Valley. Nestled in the Atlantic Pyrenees, it is a valley characterized by being the land of hidalgos and Indians, who returned from overseas with a large fortune that they invested in remodeling it. Pilgrims, witches and smugglers also left their mark. Elizondo is the capital of the valley, and is surrounded by an idyllic natural environment. Lands of the Indians, of robust pinkish stone palaces and farmhouses, monasteries, famous caves and mythological forests. Ideal place for the filming of the following films.

"Baztan" (2011): by director Iñaki Elizalde, performed by actors such as Unax Ugalde, Carmelo Gómez and Joseba Apaolaza. A film about the discrimination suffered by the Agotes in the Baztan Valley back in the 17th century, marginalization of which they have been a victim for ten centuries to the present day. Throughout the film there are views of the valley and of towns such as Lekaroz, Elizondo and Arizkun where in the neighborhood of Bozate two agotes accused of stealing firewood are being searched. Access the trailer.

"The Invisible Guardian" (2017): is a film by Fernando González Molina starring Marta Etura and based on the best seller by Dolores Redondo. On the banks of the Baztán River, in the Navarra Valley, the naked body of a teenager appears in a circumstance that links him to a murder that occurred a month ago... Inspector Amaia Salazar (Marta Etura) directs the investigation that will take her back to the town of Elizondo, where she grew up and from which she has tried to flee all her life. Amaia's investigation is a race against time to find a relentless murderer, in a land fertile in superstitions and witchcraft... Access the trailer.

“The Legacy of the Bones” (2019): A year has passed since Amaia Salazar solved the crimes that terrorized the Baztán Valley. Pregnant and determined to leave behind what she lived in Elizondo, the inspector's life is again altered by an unexpected event: the suicide of several prisoners who leave a single word written on the wall of their cells, Tarttalo. The dangers that Amaia thought she had left behind return with more force than ever and the inspector will have to face this new case in a vertiginous investigation threatened by the presence of her own mother. Access the trailer.

"The Offering to the Storm" (2020): Amaia investigates the suspicious deaths of several children and some creepy rituals. Nobody is completely safe. Third installment of the “Baztán Trilogy”.

Zugarramurdi "Sorginen Leizea" as this karstic complex is called, mentions the pagan celebrations that took place in some of its rooms in ancient times and that, in the Inquisitorial Process from 1609 to 1614, were presented as evident proof that in Zugarramurdi acts were developed where witchcraft was practiced.

"Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi" (2012): by director Alex de la Iglesia, is an eccentric comedy about witchcraft in which two unemployed people, Mario Casas and Hugo Silva, commit a robbery and flee pursued by the police. Thus, they enter the impenetrable forests of Navarra and fall into the clutches of a horde of maddened women who feed on human flesh. Inside the cave there is a celebration of a coven. He received 8 Goyas in 2013 and more than 200 local extras participated in the filming. Access the trailer.

6:30 p.m. Return to Pamplona (approx).


Adult price: €42/person
Youth price (12-17 years): €16/person


Adult price: €85/adult
Youth price (12-17 years): €40/youth.

Bubble group: The departure is reserved for a specific and closed group. In this case the price would be €240 for a group of 1 to 8 people in private vehicles.


- Driver-guide.

- In the option with transportation, we will go in a 9-seater van, complying with the Euro6 anti-pollution regulations.

- Small groups.

- Online informative material about the trip

- Taxes.



- Tickets / tastings to the places to visit.

- All expenses of a personal nature such as drinks, tips, etc…

- Any other expense not specified in the program and not mentioned as included.

- Lunch.

- All expenses of a personal nature such as drinks, tips, etc…

- Any other expense not specified in the program and not mentioned as included.

- Minimum group 6 people and maximum group 16 people (always depending on the existing protocols at the time of departure).
- For the transport option, the minimum group is 2 paying people, once the minimum group in own transport has been confirmed.
- In Zugarramurdi, weekday menu from €14/16 and holidays from €24 (not included).
- Free eating options, but for operational reasons it is advisable to book in advance.
- The visits may be modified, both in content and in form, due to changes in the entities to be visited, due to weather conditions, for reasons beyond our control or programming readjustments.
- The guide will enforce health protocols at all times. In case of non-compliance by any participant, by decision of the guide he will leave the group and will not be entitled to any refund.
- Our excursions and guided tours are not canceled due to adverse weather conditions. Navarra can offer us a very different climate from one valley to another, even on the same day.
- You do not walk excessively, but it is advisable to wear comfortable closed shoes.

- We must bear in mind that we are going to rural areas and that we have to respect the established protocols at all times and with great scruple. The local population may have some fear and suspicion that people from outside their territory can bring the virus to them. With what we have to be very respectful with them and with the protocols.
- We will greet each other without physical contact.
- For your safety and that of everyone, if you have a fever or any symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 in the last 10 days, refrain from participating in the activity. No guide will carry out the activity in the same case. Telephones of the Health Council of Navarra 948 290 290, Euskadi 900 203050 and emergencies 112.
- Maintain the safety distance of 1.5 meters between people who do not live together.
- The use of the mask is mandatory if the safety distance is not maintained.
- Hand cleaning with hydroalcoholic gel very frequently.
- Do not exchange material or share drinks, food, sun creams or lipsticks. What one person has touched, another cannot touch without first disinfecting it (if they are not a family unit that lives together).
- Pamphlets or advertising brochures that are seen do not take them. Ask the staff.
- The guide will enforce health protocols at all times. In case of non-compliance by any participant, by decision of the guide he will leave the group and will not be entitled to any refund.
- Small groups, as we usually do. We will prioritize groups formed in their origin, with your family and/or friends. Groups in Nature and in urban visits 17 people + 1 guide.

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