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CONGRESO PAMPLONA 12-15/09/23, España Navarra
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2 Pintxos and 1 drink: €8/pers

4 Pintxos, dessert, wine and coffee: €18/pers


- Prices valid for consumption both at the bar and on the terrace.

- The drink may be wine of the brands used for potting or cane beer.

- Valid from Monday to Friday, except from July 2 to 16, Bridges, Holidays and San Fermin Txiki from 09/21 to 24/09/2021.


- We will comply at all times with the protocols established by Health of Navarra.

- For your safety and that of everyone, if you have a fever or any symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 in the last 10 days, refrain from participating in the activity. No guide will carry out the activity in the same case. Telephones of the Health Council of Navarra 948 290 290, Euskadi 900 203050 and emergencies 112.

- Maintain the safety distance of 1.5 meters between people who do not live together.

- Do not exchange material or share drinks, food, sun creams or lipsticks. What one person has touched, another cannot touch without first disinfecting it (if they are not a family unit that lives together).

- In case of non-compliance with the requirements made by the waiters, and if due to these non-compliances the consumption of the voucher cannot be carried out under the established conditions, there will be no right to any refund.

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