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We work hard to make your trip a unique 100% satisfactory experience. Among the collaborators of the Itsaslur Tourist Group are professionals of recognized prestige who strive to make your experience unforgettable.

Advisors, Guides and Collaborators

Advisors, Guides and Collaborators

Amaia Irigoyen

CEO of the Itsaslur Tourist Group and Director of Itsaslur Travel. Specialized in tailor-made trips and large trips.
Traveler and travel journalist.

Carlos Aguirre

CEO of the Itsaslur Tourism Group, expert in Diaspora. Specialized in the Middle East and Latin America. Director at Overtrails Tour Operator and Overtrails incoming.
Cultural and Nature Guide.

Tito Gosotiaga

Expert connoisseur of customs and the rural environment, where pagan expressions have been maintained since time immemorial, such as legends and mythological geniuses.

Cultural and Nature Guide

Julian Iantzi

Born in California, son of the Basque Diaspora. Collaborator, designer and travel expert.

Jose Miguel Ibanez

Guide of Nature and Green Paths, expert connoisseur of the Irati Forest and the Navarrese Pyrenees.

Iosu Ximénez

Former runner of the running of the bulls, Pamplonica of All Life and relative of Agustin Castelln, Sabicas, for which the flamenco culture runs through his veins.

Leire Braco

Veteran guide and regular contributor to Overtrails incoming. The culture and history of our environment is easily transmitted to us due to its proximity and experience.

Laida Ansorena

Expert guide of the Camino de Santiago. In addition to being a guide in the Middle Zone of Navarra and a regular contributor to Overtrails incoming.



Viajes Itsaslur Bidaik was born in 1992 by Karlos and Amaia. Restless and enterprising young people, we decided to create a different Travel Agency. Today we manage the Itsaslur Tourist Group, which consists of a Wholesale-Retail Travel Agency; Itsaslur Viajes y Actividades SL CIF: B31392038 (CINA:014, ASS:00148, IM-ESP:16002), a Retail Travel Agency; Overtrails SL CIF: 02872968 (CIE:2507, ASS:00292), a Cultural Tourism Company; CIF: B31392038 (UETC: 0091) and a Cultural Association CIF: G31346364. In addition to three commercial brands; Viajes Itsaslur Bidaiak, Overtrails Tour Operator and Overtrails incoming.

About to turn 30 (1992-2022), we have not only grown in business structure, but our current clients range from our closest environment, through Spain, France, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Peru, Mexico and the rest of Latin America and Central America. In addition to also having clients from the United States. A national and international projection that gives us solidity and guarantee of service.


In a time when the Internet did not exist, with a telex (yes, with a telex!! you read that right) and with a fax shortly after we began the adventure of our life.

The classic tour operators and wholesalers only offered “straightened” trips that forced travelers to follow the predetermined itinerary. This is how we began to work with the idea of specializing in the creation of “tailor-made trips”: contracting services directly with the receptionists of each destination and giving the traveler the possibility of organizing a trip totally adapted to their taste.

Then we began to offer our Activity Programs with rafting descents on the Noguera Pallaresa, the first sailing trips on the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean or the first trekkings on the Himalayas, the Moroccan Atlas or Kilimanjaro for non-specialized people.
We marketed the first Adventure Tours in English trucks coming down from London to South Africa and traveling across North America and Canada in vans with modest camping and hotel accommodations.
We show our clients the Costa Rican Caribbean when the roads were not yet built and we develop with small local companies our Sustainable Tourism in the Algerian desert, the immense Yemen or the old Burma, when it was almost impossible to get Spanish-speaking guides and any paperwork to go to these countries was very complicated.

Almost three decades ago we already believed that each trip should be a Unique Experience for our clients.



The years go by and we have continued to grow with our customers. Without abandoning our Adventure Trips, Expeditions and Customized Trips, we create New More Classic Experiences where there is room for family trips, short getaways with friends, beach stays, relaxation in a spa or a rural house... to cover all the needs. needs of those who have been growing with us.

With the Internet boom and new booking trends, we have been offering an online search engine since 2009 so that you can make your own reservations for hotels, flights, packages, etc. This section developed more strongly in our new website allows you to make service reservations wherever and whenever you want. Thus, when you want to book a trip online, instead of contracting with totally impersonal online agencies, you will also have us offering you the same price, but with the added value of being here, close to you, whenever you need us. .


However you make your reservation, online on our website or with us from start to finish, we will be close to you. With a 24-hour emergency phone and email at destination, without exasperating switchboards, with a WhatsApp for queries and, of course, in our physical offices. So that you have the peace of mind of always traveling   with the support of your trusted travel agency.

Can't find what you were looking for? Create your own experience. We design a completely different trip and adjusted to your taste.

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