Patagonia, Argentina
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Planned itinerary

Departure on the international night flight. Night on board.


Arrival at Ezeiza International Airport. Our staff will be waiting for you to assist you in the change of air terminal and give you the travel documentation. Then board the Aerolineas Argentinas flight that will take you to Puerto Iguazú. Reception and regular transfer to the hotel.

Day 3.
Day 4. IGUAZU FALLS: Argentine side

Regular excursion to the Falls on the Argentine side. The tour starts at the same hotel where you stay. From there you will head towards the entrance of the Iguazú National Park. From the visitor center, you depart on the "jungle train", an ecological train that plunges into the Misiones jungle, to the "Devil's Throat" station, where the walkway begins towards one of the most stunning waterfalls in Argentina, right in front of the waterfall that gives the station its name: La Garganta del Diablo, is the Salto Unión indescribable for its beauty and energy that excites everyone! Safety pin! The tour continues through the next station "Cataratas" where you can do the Paseo Superior with a distance of 500 meters or the Paseo Inferior, a set of walkways that allow you to appreciate this natural wonder from another angle.

To complement this unforgettable tour, we recommend hiring, optionally, "The Great Adventure: Baptism of the Falls" (USD 70): it is a combination of a nautical ride, which takes place in Zodiac boats, where you travel 6 km. the lower Iguazú river, passing through the rapids, to then enter the Devil's Throat Canyon, and a ride in four-wheel drive open-top vehicles through the jungle, with the opportunity to appreciate the flora and, if lucky The fauna of the place is on your side.For this excursion it is recommended to bring insect repellent, slippers and comfortable clothing.

Day 5. IGUAZU FALLS: Brazilian Side

Regular excursion to the Falls on the Brazilian side. Departure from the hotel to the Foz do Iguazú National Park. The visiting area is made up of a single circuit of footbridges, 950 meters long, which is located on the ravines of the Iguazú River, offering a truly impressive panoramic view of all the waterfalls. The tour culminates at the viewpoint of La Garganta del Diablo, where the noise of the falling water shakes the visitor.


Transfer in regular service to the airport to board the Aerolineas Argentinas flight. Reception and regular transfer to the hotel.

Day 7. EL CALAFATE: Los Glaciares National Park (World Natural Heritage by UNESCO)

Regular and full day excursion to the footbridges of the Perito Moreno Glacier, including the “Safari Náutico” navigation. Departure from the hotel to travel 80 km to the entrance of Los Glaciares National Park, declared a World Heritage Site (natural) by UNESCO since it preserves an extensive area of the continental ice field from which the Moreno, Onelli, Agassi and Glacier glaciers descend. Uppsala. The most amazing is the Perito Moreno, which expands over the waters of Lake Argentino and has a wall 5 kilometers wide and 70 meters high above the water level, with colors that vary from immaculate white to turquoise.

The Panoramic Point is the beginning of a descending walk through the walkways located in front of the glacier. From there you will enjoy the immensity of the landscape and you will be able to perceive the sounds of the constant detachment of ice. An unmissable show! The excursion continues with the "Safari Nautico", a navigation through the Rico arm of Lake Argentino that lasts approximately 1 hour and offers the possibility of "living" the glacier more closely. Once in front of the wall, the boat stops for a few minutes to contemplate its immensity and beauty.

Day 8. EL CALAFATE: Cruise through the Patagonian Ice Field

Full-day excursion sailing Lake Argentino “Glacier Gourmet Classic Experience”, on the María Turquesa cruise ship. The Patagonian Ice Field is, after Antarctica, the largest ice sheet on the planet. Its glaciers originate at only 1,500 meters above sea level and descend to 200 meters above sea level, which allows access and unique viewing in the world. This excursion goes through some places of this Patagonian landscape, navigating it with the highest comfort and with a gourmet gastronomy specially designed for a memorable experience.

After boarding, at the La Soledad Private Port (60 km. From Calafate), the Navigation through Lake Argentino departs, heading to the glaciers: Dry Glacier, Heim Glacier, Spegazzini Glacier, the highest in the National Park. Disembark at Puesto de Las Vacas, for an interesting walk. The tour continues sailing through the Channels of the Upsalla Glacier and the Perito Moreno Glacier. Box lunch on board, which includes lamb sandwich with accompaniment, dessert and non-alcoholic drink. In the afternoon, return to the Hotel in El Calafate.

Optional modification for the Premium Gourmet Glaciers experience for a cost of USD 80. Lunch includes Amuse Bouche, starter, main course, dessert, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and infusions.


Transfer in regular service to the airport to board the Aerolineas Argentinas flight. Reception and regular transfer to the Hotel


In the morning, excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park & Nature. The excursion starts from the hotel where you will be picked up in 4x4 vehicles to live this adventure. The first point to visit, already inside the National Park, is the Lapataia viewpoint, from where a short trek is made to travel the last kilometers of National Route No. 3 and reach the Bay, an ideal place for watching the birds that they inhabit the area. The tour continues along the trail of the beaver to reach one of the dams built by this species that inhabits the region where you can see the impact that these "constructions" have on the environment. Following a path that goes into the forest, you reach the peat bogs, formed by the large accumulation of moss and plant matter that have an enormous water storage capacity. In the southern part of the park is Lake Acigami (Lake Roca), a must stop, admire the spectacle offered by the landscape with the Andes Mountains as a background while enjoying a snack. The tour ends in Bahía Ensenada where the southernmost post office is located.

Clarification: During the winter months (April to October) the trekking circuit is not carried out, only tours are made in 4x4 vehicles. You can also take the End of the World Train as an option. In the afternoon, Navigation through the Beagle Channel to Isla de los Lobos and Faro Les Eclareirs (known as the Lighthouse at the End of the World). This excursion begins at the local tourist pier, from where you set sail to tour the wide Bay of Ushuaia until you reach the Beagle Channel. There you navigate around the Island of the Birds: where you can appreciate the Fuegian avifauna observing Skúas, Black-browed Albatross, Vapor Ducks, Cauquenes, Cook Gulls and Gray Gulls, and the Island of the Wolves: where the wolves are found sailors of one and two hairs. Arriving at the Lighthouse Les Eclaireurs (The Illuminators), colonies of Imperial Cormorants and Rock Cormorants can be seen.

Throughout the tour, the guide not only refers to the characteristics of each of the species sighted and the geography of the place, but also explains the historical importance of this maritime passage in the emergence of the city. On the way back to the city, the view of the mountain range that surrounds Ushuaia and the splendid nature that surrounds it is amazing. It is a tour of great historical and scenic value.


Full day excursion with picnic Lakes Off Road in 4 x 4. After breakfast, with the first rays of morning sun, we will venture on a full day Safari, in Defender vehicles (4x4) with lunch included. The journey will allow us to connect in a different way with the most remote landscapes of the island of Tierra del Fuego. Along dirt paths and dodging streams, we will arrive at the impressive shoreline of Lake Fagnano, where we can take a moment to contemplate this extraordinary place and its particular energy. From there, the vehicles will begin to travel difficult access roads (off-road) offering us views of unparalleled beauty.

Then we will start a trek through the forest to Lago Escondido, where there is a mountain refuge. As we travel along the coast we will observe the beaver community, its buildings and reservoirs, creating a habitat to house their family. In this wonderful environment, we will enjoy a barbecue in the best Argentine style, accompanied by Malbec wine, and the opportunity to relax, share talks and recharge. After lunch, whoever wants to, can navigate the calm waters of Lago Escondido by canoe and explore the amazing landscape.

Optional to replace the excursion with “CENTOLLA FISHING EXPERIENCE” (USD 40): An unforgettable day in a picturesque village by the sea. You will feel part of the town sailing, fishing your own spider crab and cooking it in a family home, learning the culinary secrets to prepare it in the Patagonian style.


Transfer in regular service to the airport to board the Aerolineas Argentinas flight. Reception and private transfer to the hotel.


Half-day tour of the City of Buenos Aires, where you can learn about part of our history and enjoy the architectural legacy left to us by our ancestors, such as: Plaza de Mayo, the typical neighborhood of La Boca, formerly a natural port of the city, where at the end of the 19th century a thriving and growing Italian community with a preponderance of Genovese origin began to settle, “Caminito”, a street declared a Museum, with its colorful houses; arrive at San Telmo, the oldest sector of the City, and pass almost without realizing it, to Puerto Madero, the youngest neighborhood where international cuisine restaurants abound.

Following the route, you reach Recoleta, for several decades the most prestigious neighborhood that is distinguished by its old buildings that are presented as a summary of the European architecture of the last century, and by its intense life that the neighbors and the tourists strolling through its glamorous streets. Here you can visit the distinguished cemetery of great architectural value. The circuit ends in the Palermo neighborhood, highly valued for its green spaces that form the lung of Buenos Aires. At the end, return to a point near the Hotel.

At night and as a finishing touch to the trip, a Tango Show Dinner is included, the best way to live the TANGO experience in all its splendor. Under the direction of an orchestra that brings together renowned teachers, a cast of dance professionals and singers worthy of the capital of tango shines. Dinner includes appetizer, starter, main course, dessert and drinks.


Day off. I recommend a half-day excursion to the Tigre delta to discover the landscapes that Buenos Aires offers from the Río de la Plata. You leave from the hotel where you are staying to visit San Isidro, a town of great historical and architectural importance, and reach the Delta, from where a boat departs to discover what life is like in this area of islands. On the tour you can also see the yacht clubs that are on the banks of the Luján River; the surprising houses and mansions located in the ravines and their magnificent views of the estuary of the silver; the Cathedral of San Isidro; the Port of Olivos; the River Monumental Stadium; the University City of Buenos Aires.

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