Costa Cruises commits to sustainability

The Costa Smeralda is the first ship in the world to use Liquefied Natural Gas.

Costa Cruises have been the first to introduce a ship powered entirely by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) .


LNG represents a true innovation for the entire cruise industry. It allows, in fact, to improve air quality and protect the environment, almost completely reducing harmful emissions from traditional fuels.

The Costa Smeralda , its flagship, is the first ship in the fleet to use Liquefied Natural Gas both in port and at sea. Therefore, it is also the first ship for a more sustainable future.

This year 2021, her sister ship, the Costa Toscana , will soon follow suit, while in the coming years they will have more and more ships powered by LNG.

In the meantime, our studies and our commitment to building zero emission ships continue.

Did you know the qualities of LNG before reading this news?

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