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Flight from Madrid or Barcelona to Keflavík. Transfer from Leif Eriksson International Airport to the accommodation. Free dinner and overnight in Reykjavík/ Keflavík

Day 2. Reykjanes Peninsula, Krýsuvík, Kleifarvatn

We begin our trip entering the Reykjanes peninsula, passing through the boiling mud and fumaroles of Krýsuvík, the fault that separates the tectonic plate of Europe with America, the Reykjanes cape with its peculiar lighthouse and the shore of Kleifarvatn , to finish touring the Leiðarendi lava cave.

Accommodation in Snaefellsnes

Day 3. Snæfellsnes Peninsula

We'll start the day by touring the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, a narrow strip of volcanic land jutting out into the ocean, located between Reykjavík and the Northwest Fjords territory. In it, incredible mountains emerge almost from the sea creating extraordinary natural settings, one of the places where the volcanism of the island can be verified, dominated by the mythical and literary glacier-volcano Snæfellsjökull . At its feet are steep cliffs and beaches, and its western part has been a National Park since 2001.

We will visit the most photographed mountain in Iceland, the Kirkjufell volcano. We will ascend a small volcano from which, on clear days, we have a magnificent view of the Snæfellsnes mountain and the limits of this peninsula.

Our next stop will be at the black sand beaches of Djúpalónssandur , where we will find shipwrecks scattered along the beach. To end the day we will visit the Lóndrangar cliffs and take a short walk to the Malarrif lighthouse . Overnight in Snæfellsnes.


Day 4. Snæfellsnes Peninsula

We will continue our tour of this spectacular peninsula visiting its southern area, starting the day with the ascent of the Búdaklettur volcano and a visit to the black church of Budir , considered by many to be one of the most beautiful churches in Iceland. We will stop in the town of Arnastapi to contemplate its cliffs and the statue of Bárður, one of the protagonists of the most popular stories of the Icelandic sagas, half man half giant. The sagas are full of supernatural stories and Bárður and his daughters are considered by many of the inhabitants of these lands as protectors of the area. We will end the day on the beaches of Ytri Tunga , waiting to see some of the seals from the colony that lives there. Accommodation in Snaefellsnes

Day 5. Blönduós - Varmahlíð - Akureyri

This day, in addition to touring the wonderful landscapes of the north, passing through the town of Blönduós on the shores of the Húnafjörður fjord , we will visit Glaumbær and cross the legendary Troll Peninsula , where we will make an excursion before reaching Akureyri. Once in the "capital of the north", known for its buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, we will have time to enjoy its thermal pool located in the center of the city, sharing its most popular activity with the locals. Free dinner Akureyri. Night in accommodation in a double room

Day 6. Myvatn

We will start our way passing by the waterfall of the gods, Goðafoss. We will continue visiting the pseudocraters of Lake Mývatn , which have not been formed by volcanic eruptions but by steam explosions. To continue the day we will take a walk through the Krafla lava flow , which had its last period of eruptions from 1975 to 1984 and where in some areas its heat can be felt. We will also visit the nearby Viti volcano , with its surprising lake inside the crater, and with the last hours of light or even at night we return to Mývatn, in the vicinity of which we will visit the fumaroles and boiling mud of Hverir . Night in private group accommodation

Day 7. Krafla - Hverfjall - Dimmuborgir - North Blue Lagoon

On this day we will stay in the Lake Mývatn area, perhaps the most famous and important area in the north of the island from a natural point of view. There we will find pools of boiling mud, multicolored rhyolite hills, as well as lava fields with caves and natural arches, all witness to the volcanic activity in the area. We will trek for an hour and a half through the area of the Hverfjall crater from whose top you can see the entire lake, a complete vision of what some describe as the wonder of the island.

Then we will go to Dimmuborgir to do a trek of the same duration, where we can get lost among its curious geological formations and walls that can be seen inside the labyrinth, formed by thin flows that spilled from the lava lake. We will relax in the famous Blue Lagoon of the north , a SPA with blue waters equipped with fabulous natural pools of thermal water from where it is common to see the Northern Lights . Night in private group accommodation

Day 8. Myvatn

We will start the day visiting Dettifoss , which is undoubtedly the largest waterfall in Iceland, and its neighbor Selfoss , located south of the Jökulsárgljúfur National Park , now part of the Vatnajökull National Park . If the weather and road conditions are good, we will visit the Ásbyrgi canyon . We will return to the lake surrounding the Tjörnes peninsula, to make a brief visit to the town of Húsavik , where we will do a winter whale watching safari (from mid-November to mid-February it is not possible to carry out this activity, as the days are shorter, and we will replace it with a second visit to the thermal baths of Mývatn). Night in private group accommodation.

Physical condition

No special physical conditions are required to carry out this trip; it is enough to have a normal physical form and to want to make a route of ten days in a winter environment

Type of trip and level

Adventure travel. Easy level. However, the winter component makes this trip almost a small expedition, the roads can be icy, and due to snow conditions there can be delays, cancellations of activities and even changes in the route. The trip has an accessible level for everyone but you have to be prepared to spend ten days in a natural winter environment where conditions can vary and be harsh depending on the weather, the winds, the snow...

The activities

All scheduled activities are designed for a beginner level and no previous experience is required to participate in them. During the route we will be able to carry out in a simple way various activities that represent the spirit of the island, such as: doing many trekkings or excursions with snowshoes or with mini crampons in various terrains.

The terrain can be without snow and without ice, or without snow and frozen for which mini crampons will be provided to adapt to the boot. When there is a lot of snow, snowshoes will be provided to be able to carry out the excursions

Trekking, excursions and hiking

Trekking and excursions are easy and only occasionally will it be necessary to overcome a more or less steep slope. There are days of walks that range between 2 and 3 hours of walking at a gentle pace, with frequent stops; These days are almost all intercalated days. The rest of the days there are shorter marches that we call walks, generally one hour long.

The guide will adapt the pace depending on the group and the weather conditions.

It will always be necessary to carry a day backpack to carry the picnic, warm clothes, or the camera necessary for each of the excursions.

The weight of the backpack for the hikes depends entirely on what each traveler decides to take with them.

The terrain, the roads

Almost all the journeys on foot are made by paths. The terrain can be thawed, icy terrain with no snow, icy terrain with sporadic snow, or totally snowy terrain. On a tour of Iceland we will almost certainly experience all terrains.

It is necessary to pay attention and follow the instructions of the guide since there are places that can be somewhat complicated. This route can be carried out in the direction described or in the opposite direction.

In case the roads are icy, travelers will be provided with small urban crampons.

group size

The trips are made in small groups of 8 people accompanied by a guide. Travelers reserve their place, regardless of their number, and we join them to the group until we reach a maximum of 8 members. This reduced size of the group favors a close and almost familiar treatment among its members, creating an excellent atmosphere. Although in general the groups are usually completed, in case of not reaching a minimum of 5 travelers, a supplement will be applied. Ask us.

Climate, temperature and daylight hours

The weather is generally stable, with temperatures varying between -5º and 8º, and only exceptionally going down to -10 or -15º, although from experience we know that it is also unpredictable. With winter conditions, the weather can be harsh, even causing the cancellation of some activity or a travel day, or the modification of them.

Each winter month is unique, and its conditions and charm are very special.

Hours of light:

  • Hours of light in autumn: from October to mid-November.

The colors of autumn are unique and spectacular, the autumn atmosphere is very special, the intense autumn colors are combined with the already abundant snow in some areas.

October, between 12 and 9 hours of light.

November, between 9 and 6 hours of light.

  • Daylight hours in the darkest winter months : from mid-November to February.

Traveling with few hours of daylight is a real challenge and a magical, almost mystical experience. It is the most total adventure, rewarded by the best northern lights. It is necessary to get up and go out at night, calculating very well the times of activity and visits.

The atmosphere is very unique and very special, it is the preferred time of the Tierras Polares team, since in some way it is the most intense and totally different experience, a true polar expedition.

December and January, between 7 and 5 hours of light.

February, between 6 and 10 hours of light.

  • Daylight hours at the beginning of spring: March and April.

It has the maximum snow, a lot of light, and it is usually the coldest period of the year. It is possible to observe the last northern lights of the season, although they will be more difficult to see, they have been observed in Iceland until almost the end of April.

March, between 10 and 13 hours of light. In April, practically light all day

Aurora borealis

Iceland is one of the ideal places to observe the magical dance of the northern lights because it is fully in the optimal range of its viewing. However, keep in mind that the weather has to cooperate and the sky must be clear to see the effect of the solar wind. The less light (during the day and from the cities) the more possibility of admiring better northern lights. The Myvatn area where you stay for 3 days is considered the best place in all of Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

Recommended minimum age

The minimum age we recommend on this route is 15 years. All minors under 18 must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.




The accommodations

Accommodations will be in guesthouses, hotels, hostels, farms and exclusive houses, in double rooms with shared bathroom. The kitchens and dining room of the accommodations are fully equipped. All hostels have heating. In some cases the accommodation will be in exclusive apartments for the group but of the same standard as the hostels. It is necessary to bring a summer sleeping bag for the interior of some of the hostels.

common tasks

This adventure has a spirit of collaboration, camaraderie and teamwork, in which we value above all good humor, a good atmosphere and tolerance towards colleagues. The guide will direct all the common operations but the activities will be done by everyone. Some tasks such as loading the vehicle, preparing food, washing the dishes, shopping or other necessary tasks, are performed equally by all participants, including the guide.

The guide

The mission of the guide is to show the way to the group through the route, guide trekking and activities, coordinate common tasks such as preparing food, driving, ensuring the safety of its participants and solving possible incidents that may originate, being able to change the route if it deems it necessary.

the vehicles

Our trip will take place in a modified and studded 9-seater 4x4 van, ideal for discovering the island in severe winter conditions in a light, familiar, flexible and different way, totally suitable for Iceland's frequently icy roads. It is a trip in which a long distance is covered, however, the driving periods are studied to be optimized and interspersed with activities and avoid long transfers. The normal thing is to do a couple of hours a day, although there are two days with up to 5 hours of road travel. It is recommended to carry a travel bag or backpack with your luggage, rather than a rigid suitcase. To make the trip more comfortable, and with limited space in the vehicle, it is important to carry moderate-sized luggage and avoid rigid suitcases.


We will combine the realization of the dinners by the guide in collaboration with the group, with dinners in external establishments in cities.

During the days of the excursion, during the day we will have a picnic-type diet and at night we will cook in the accommodation with meals proposed by the guide and that he will prepare in collaboration with the travellers. This type of adventure travel involves a minimum of team spirit and collaboration on the part of the traveler.

Here is a list of possible meals that we can find along the route:

Breakfast: coffee, tea, infusions, cocoa, powdered milk, biscuits, bread, jam, muesli, cereals...

Food (picnic type): assorted sausages, preserves, chocolate, nuts, biscuits, energy bars, soups, hot tea...

Dinner: stews made in the accommodation with local products such as meat or fish, rice or pasta, salads, fruit, desserts...



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